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Chances are, if you’re looking at our website, you’re considering the benefits that a professional Language Service Provider (LSP) has to offer in terms of speed, quality and cost-efficiency. Business Team Translations offer all the benefits and more: our company provides a full range of localization and translation services to companies worldwide.

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Xerox entrusted Business Team Translations in 2017 to translate English and Italian documents such as Business plans, Regulations of Management. Xerox Business Solutions has been so satisfied with our work that led to a flawless business involvement between the two companies. Xerox Business Solutions is a leading provider of business technology solutions.Their companies sell and service Document Management Systems including printers, multifunction devices and copiers; Network Integration Services and Software Solutions. They also offer a variety of service contracts, including maintenance, supply, network management, technical support, and training.

Our clients are multinational corporations and local enterprises from a variety of industry sectors. These companies understand that perfect written and verbal communication is vital in foreign markets. If you choose us, your localization and translation-related needs will be in safe hands for many years to come.

Linde Gas Italia Srl is the Italian branch of the multinational group The Linde Group, world leader in gas production and engineering. The production includes technical gases, industrial gases, pure gases, special gases, refrigerant gases, food gases and plants for storage and freezing. Among the possibilities of supply: cylinders, tanks, trailers and onsite production. They reached out to BTT IT with the request for the translation of Technical documents. Since 2009 Business Team Translations delivered numerous translations of Manuals from Italian to English, German, English and Danish. Linde Gas Italia has been so satisfied with our work that led to years of collaboration between the two companies.

You can stop worrying about deadlines, consistency and accuracy. We deliver top-notch translation services on time and on budget. We have all the technical and human resources to manage complex, time-consuming translation projects. You don’t have to hire individual translators for each language; we use our own proprietary system to select the best translators for every localization and translation project.

We have been providing English, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukranian and Hungarian translation and interpreting services since 2006 for Procter & Gamble. The hygiene product manufacturer has been requesting the translations of installation manuals and documentation, necessary for the assembly, operation and maintenance of their assembly lines and machinery.
GBS is a global software products company specializing in productivity solutions. GBS is headquartered in the United States with operating branches in North America, Europe and Asia. With over 90% of revenue from North America and Europe, GBS is one of the few successful global software product companies operating outside India. All their products are designed, built, sold and supported by the best internal functions, including prod. GBS contacted Business Team Translations in 2012 and ordered the translation of the website and other documents. We have delivered countless documents translated from Italian into numerous languages such as English, Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, French successfully to achieve the high GBS standards.