We provide B2B translation and software localization services for businesses, multinational companies, organizations
and institutions.

Our major clients are multinational corporations with a strong presence throughout the world, but we are also the translation agency of choice for hundreds of small and middle sized businesses throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Our mission is to help you in all your foreign business communications: verbal or written, audio or video, online or offline.

Since our foundation, we have provided localization and translation services in all areas of business and industry in both the private and public sectors.


Business Team Translations was established in Budapest, Hungary in 1999.

After the extension of the European Union in 2004, we opened new offices in the UK, Italy (www.bttrans.it), France (www.fr.bttranslations.com) and Germany (de.bttranslations.com).

We are now planning to open offices in every EU country to meet the country-specific needs of our prospective clients.

Our aim is to extend further and become the local ‘go-to’ language service provider for companies across the European Union.


We launched our English language website in 2004 and immediately started receiving overseas translation requests.

Recognizing the business potential in the US and Canada, we invested extra time and energy in English speaking markets.

Since more and more companies do business abroad, the need for translation and localization services is greater than ever.

As a result, we decided to improve our communication strategy in English and today most of our Clients are international corporations present in several continents.