About Roland S. Racz

In 1999, as a private entrepreneur, I started Business Team Translations and provided translation and interpreting services to businesses for almost five years. For six months during that period I was the corporate interpreter for the American construction giant, Washington International. We did a project for Carrier Corporation – the largest refrigerator manufacturer in the world – relocating an entire factory from Italy to Hungary; a job I was invited to do after I’d successfully completed another interpreting assignment that my six co-translators had found too hard to handle, dropped out and left me as the last man standing. I began to win more and more translation bids and tenders, the most remarkable of which was a quality assurance manual. I also translated several bestsellers and non-fiction books that were published in Hungary. Before long, we received a call from Canada, from a gambling company who urgently needed to translate a large quantity of legal materials. I was no expert at legal translation and I didn’t really know what to say to the company. Earlier, I’d translated everything; I did all the marketing, and I really enjoyed both. But this was a completely different situation. We had to find someone who could translate this multi-thousand-dollar legal project for us. We did and it became the beginning of a new era in which more and more translators and project managers started to serve our clients in several countries.

Why think ahead, when you need translation?

We often receive requests from clients who ask us to translate hundreds of pages in 24 hours or a couple of days. Since we have the resources to cope with large translation projects in a short time frame, we usually take them on. Urgent translations are useful if you don't need any proofreading,  just [...]

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7 Things You Must Do to Optimize Your Website for Translation

With all markets so competitive, any business that wants to receive success on an international level needs to think about ways to globalize its platform. Having an official company website is primary to any modern day business, as a website can be a great means of attracting new customers and grabbing the most lucrative business [...]

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Your small translations are important to us

Have you ever encountered any of these situations in your company's life? Your HR department has just published a new code of conduct for employees in your corporate intranet. It has to be translated in the languages of all your subsidiaries immediately... Your insurance plan updates must be sent to all your European offices by [...]

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Who can translate in 38 languages at once?

Your company has finally decided to enter new markets – to expand its international presence. Suddenly there’s tons of stuff to translate: documents, software, web pages and more besides, and you’ve got to find good linguists who can translate all of it. Not into one language, but into thirty-eight! Where on earth are you going [...]

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