Why think ahead, when you need translation?

We often receive requests from clients who ask us to translate hundreds of pages in 24 hours or a couple of days. Since we have the resources to cope with large translation projects in a short time frame, we usually take them on. Urgent translations are [...]

Yes, we translate InDesign and Quark files, too

Can you translate pdf documents? Can you keep the layout of the translated text? Our clients often ask similar questions before sending chart-laden presentations for translation or catalogues full of pictures or charts and CAD designs. They have one thing in common: the layout of the [...]

Translation costs per page

Our Clients often want to know the translation costs of one page so that they can multiply it by the number of pages and get a total sum for the translation costs.It is not that simple. Today we live in the world of word processors (WORD [...]

How to translate your website into a foreign market success

Most companies create their websites in English first without giving much thought to future internationalization or translation needs. This is where we usually come in — if your website doesn’t exist in German, for example, we will not only translate but re-create the whole website for [...]

7 Things You Must Do to Optimize Your Website for Translation

With all markets so competitive, any business that wants to receive success on an international level needs to think about ways to globalize its platform. Having an official company website is primary to any modern day business, as a website can be a great means of [...]

Your small translations are important to us

Have you ever encountered any of these situations in your company's life? Your HR department has just published a new code of conduct for employees in your corporate intranet. It has to be translated in the languages of all your subsidiaries immediately... Your insurance plan updates [...]