General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Business Team International Fordítóiroda Kft.

The present General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply to the relationship between Business Team International Kft. Translation Agency (1036 Budapest, Dereglye utca 2.; the “Provider”) and the party placing an order or entering into a contract with it (the “Client”) (jointly, the “Parties”). The Parties may depart from the provisions of the GTC by mutual consent in writing.

Unless agreed otherwise, the provisions of the GTC in respect of which the Parties entered into a custom agreement shall be replaced by the provisions of the custom agreement while matters not covered by the custom agreement shall continue to be governed by the provisions of the GTC.


Service: translation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and proofreading, performed by the Provider for the Client.

Translation: written intermediary language activity from the source language to the target language.

Proofreading: comparison of the written text translated to the target language with the source-language text.

The above services collectively hereinafter referred to as “Translation Services”.

Other abbreviations in the GTC

Electronic Carrier (hereinafter referred to as “EC”): electronic mail (e-mail), link to an Internet address, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, CD-ROM disk, DVD, portable magnetic disk (floppy disk), USB drive and any other device suitable for the electronic storage, transfer and carrying of data.

Traditional carrier (hereinafter referred to as “TC”): paper, telefax and any other device suitable for paper-based forwarding of data (e.g. slide, tracing paper, etc.)

An offer given by the Provider contains the following parameters (hereinafter referred to as “Parameters”):

1.) In the case of translation or proofreading: date of issue of the offer, the designation of the document(s), the source language(s), the target language(s), need for proofreading, order type, type and format of document(s), delivery date(s), translation and/or proofreading fee.


Types of assignment:

  1. Ordinary order: The Provider performs the translation services within a time limit of not less than two working days from the time of the order, but not more than 10,000 characters a day, including spaces (ordinary rate).
  2. Ordinary order: The Provider performs the translation services within a time limit of not less than two calendar days from the time of the order, but not more than 10,000 characters a day, including spaces (1.5 times the ordinary rate).
  3. Immediate order: The Provider performs the translation services within 24 hours from the time of the order, but not more than 10,000 characters a day, including spaces (twice the ordinary rate).

Information required for orders

Prior information on the purpose of use

The Provider may inquire about the use of the end-product of the translation service. Such purpose can be:

  1. a) In the case of translation:

1) An informative document made for internal use,

2) A document published in private or having legal relevance,

3) A publicly disclosed document,

4) Use not listed in the three paragraphs above that the translator(s) need to know anyway for the purposes of the translation.

Damage caused by insufficient information or divergent use

In case the Client does not provide information at all or completely, the Provider will render the service to the best of its knowledge at that level of Clause a) 1). The Client shall be liable for any damages caused by the Client using the translation for a purpose other than the one specified.

Translation sample, auxiliary materials necessary for interpretation

Prior to rendering translation services, the Provider may request an EC/TC sample of the document to be translated or, in case of interpretation, claim from the Client documents in EC/TC format concerning the specialty being subject of the interpretation. The Provider will specify the size of the document sample it needs to be able to present its exact offer for translation. In case the Client fails to provide the Provider with a sample (or the entire document to be translated), the Provider will give an informative offer only, which it may complement and modify following receipt of the entire document to be translated, or it may issue a new final offer.

Preliminary estimate based on the source texts/documents

If the source-language text is available is editable electronic software format (e.g. .doc, .txt or .rtf extension), the Client may request the Provider to give an estimate of the volume of characters in the source language, which the Provider will make available to the Client (upon request) with maximum +/-20% accuracy. In case the source-language text is available in any other format, including spreadsheet (e.g. .xls or .cvs extension), presentation (e.g. .ppt extension), portable document (.pdf extension) or is paper-based or is available in any other format, the Provider will give an informative estimate for the character volume only.

Minimum translation/proofreading volume

The minimum translation/proofreading volume undertaken by the Provider for orders that do not require file conversion is 2,000 source-language characters, including spaces. In case of an order for a smaller amount of translation/proofreading, the Provider will invoice the Client an amount corresponding to the fee for the minimum volume from time to time.

Order process

Pursuant to this GTC, the Provider will precisely determine the parameters of the translation service in a detailed offer (hereinafter referred to as: “Offer”) delivered to the Client in EC/TC format.

The Provider’s written Offer is valid for 21 calendar days from the date of issue, i.e., the Client should fill and sign (authorized signature in the case of companies) the order form attached to the Offer and return it to the Provider in person, by mail, fax or e-mail within the above period of validity. In case of failure, the Provider’s Offer ceases to have effect.

Based on the order returned within the validity period and by confirming the order by the Provider, a contract is made between the Parties, which is based on the Offer and the parameters of which are accepted by the Parties as binding from the time of the order.

The Provider confirms orders only from 9.00 to 18.00 o’clock on working days. Orders received after 18.00 o’clock on working days or on public holidays will be processed within 2 hours of starting work on the next following working day.

Unless it has sent it earlier, the Client shall send the Provider the source-language text, being the subject of the translation, for translation simultaneously with the order. The Client acknowledges that all risk or damage arising from the transfer shall be borne by the Client. In the case of complex orders comprising several documents, the Parties shall precisely discuss the volume of the documents to be translated and the text sections to be translated, of which the Provider prepares a written translation summary. The Provider sends the translation summary to the Client for approval, which the Client confirms in EC/TC format. If the Client does not approve the translation summary in writing within [2] working days of receipt, the Client shall be deemed to have accepted the quantity of characters shown in the translation summary.

Confirmation of order. Invalid order

The Provider shall confirm the written order in EC/TC format within not more 24 hours in the case of ordinary orders, 12 hours in the case of express orders and 4 hours in the case of immediate orders. If the Provider does not confirm the order as above, no contract is created between the parties.

The confirmation of an order includes the registration number, the designation appearing in the order, the Provider’s name, the language relation, the grammatical unit used for calculation (character/word/hour), the fee per unit, the total fee of the translation, the time of the order and the deadline. In case the data in the confirmation and the order are different, the Client shall promptly notify the Provider thereof. Otherwise, the Provider will carry out the order subject to the conditions set out in the confirmation.

The Client acknowledges that the creation of the contract also means that the Client unconditionally consents to start the performance of the service without delay. It also accepts that the product is tailor-made and personalized based on the individual Offer and, for that reason, it may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided by the law for that reason or by referring to any other reason once the performance has commenced.

Translation of special expressions and terminology

The Provider undertakes to translate special expressions characteristic of the specialty that have not been translated to Hungarian earlier and have not become public only if the Client provides a word-list thereof to the Provider in EC/TC format together with (or prior to) the confirmation of the order (i.e. placing the order).

If the Client does not make available to the Provider the material necessary for preparing for the interpretation at all or fails to make it available it in sufficient time in comparison with the volume of the material, the Provider shall not be liable for any errors arising from this deficiency during the interpretation.

Conditions hindering translation

Conditions hindering translation: hardly legible source-language text, confusing source‑language contents causing literal errors or other hindering conditions stemming in erroneous editing (e.g. objects inserted in the electronic document are covering the source language text) (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions Hindering Translation”).

The Provider shall promptly notify the Client of any Conditions Hindering Translation and warn the Client for contingently late performance. In case the Conditions Hindering Translation prevail and the Client does not modify the source-language text the Provider may not be obliged to translate any undefined or hardly interpretable text sections. The erroneous text sections will be translated if the Client modifies and sends the Provider the erroneous text sections. The Provider may amend the date of performance in proportion to the volume of the erroneous text.

Cancellation of translation services

In the case of translation, the total amount of the translation ordered is considered a single service and will be invoiced as such.

In the case of translation or proofreading, if the Client cancels the services ordered after the commencement of the work, at least 50% of the service fee included in the confirmed order or, if more than 50% of the work has already been completed, 100% of the service fee included in the confirmed order shall be paid to the Provider even if the Client does not wish to receive the completed work.


The Client shall pay the service fee against the duly issued invoice of the Provider to the bank account number shown in the Provider’s invoice by bank transfer within 8 days from the invoice date.

In case of late payment, the Client shall pay default interest to the Provider in accordance with the Civil Code. The default interest shall be payable from the date of falling late. The starting date of the delay is the day after the payment due date shown in the issued invoice or, in any other case, the day following the time indicated in the order for the delivery of the completed material.

Complaints. Complaints regarding the quality of translation

The Client shall notify the Provider of any quality complaint regarding the translation within 1 working day in the case of an express translation or 2 working days in the case of an ordinary translation. The Client does not undertake any guarantee for immediate translations. The Client shall mark clearly and in detail any quality complaints in a target text and highlight the text parts it considers to be non-compliant, otherwise, the Provider will not investigate the quality complaints. The Provider does not accept complaint or quality objection of a general nature. The Provider reviews the quality complaints received and correct them in time proportional to the volume of the corrections. The Provider informs the Client of the time necessary for the corrections in advance. If the Provider completes the correction within the time notified in advance, the Client shall pay the full consideration for the translation. If the Provider exceeds the time necessary for the corrections, as notified in advance, the Client will be discharged of its payment obligation for up to 50% of the service fee.

Confidentiality and processing of personal data

The Provider represents and agrees to keep confidential any information that comes to its attention during the translation and interpretation works and use any personal data and sensitive data acquired only to the extent necessary in order to carry out its duties. The Provider declares that it will process such data only to the extent and for the time necessary to perform its tasks, further, that it does not use any data processor. It will transfer any data and information acquired during the performance of its duties to any third party only based on the prior written consent or express request of the Client.

By signing the order, the Client consents to the Provider processing its personal and sensitive data in the manner specified above.

General provisions

The parties shall closely cooperate with each other in order to perform the contract and immediately inform each other about any reason that prevents, limits or delays performance.

The Provider may verify the right of representation of the person acting on behalf of the Client as appropriate. The Client may not refer to the absence of or exceeding the right of representation of the person acting on behalf of the Client during the order and the performance in order to avoid payment of the service fee or the reduction thereof.

Matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and the Copyright Act in force.

The Parties shall endeavour to settle amicably any dispute arising between them from their relationship. Failing this, they submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts competent for the registered address of the Provider.

By signing the order, the Client declares to have come to know and accept as binding the provisions of GTC.

The Provider may unilaterally amend the GTC. The amended GTC takes effect when posted on the Provider’s website. The GTC is available in printed form at the Provider’s registered address and is made available to the Client upon request.