We started the revision of our Italian website and realized that we need much more than checking if all pages work and are displayed correctly. We realized that our sales arguments are in a dire need of a major overhaul and the layout is outdated. Our call-to-action box was not displayed on some pages at all, and on others you could find it only at the bottom of the page. Why is that so important? Because, on average, visitors spend 10 seconds at best on any business website. If they can find our call-to-action button (asking for a translation request), we are happy. If not, we lost the customer once and for all. Rare is the customer (even corporate) who takes a tour on our website and wants to see the depths of our operations and services.

Also, who wants to scroll two miles down to find an important piece of information on a page today? Nobody! So, after giving it a second thought we, re-prioritized all content to make it easier for our visitors to read all content. Hopefully enhanincg user experience results in longer visits and better conversion rates.

You can see the results at www.bttrans.it . (It’s all in Italian, of course. 🙂 )