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Excellent brand impression and brand messages are crucial if you want to succeed in international markets. Avoiding cultural blunders, using the appropriate communication channels, country-specific associations of color, style and the perfect wording are all nuances you need to take into consideration with marketing translation projects. In addition, you need thorough local knowledge to reach for the stars in other countries with your marketing campaign.

WMR Digital Group is prominent in digital marketing, e-commerce, web marketing, search marketing, digital commerce, marketing automation, ebusiness, data intelligence, data analysis, business intelligence, digital marketing academy. Our collaboration started in the beginning of 2018 and ever since we translated privacy policies, newsletters, articles, blogs, contracts, IMeta descriptions from Italian to English, Swedish, Russian, French, German, Finnish, Dutch.


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The advertising and marketing translation process requires a specialized mindset, specialist translators and branding professionals who can get your marketing messages through to your target audience producing exceptional marketing materials.

Our exceptional track record in the field of marketing translation and localization is due to a rigorous, multi-level screening and testing process in the target language for the target audience. We translate marketing brochures, ad campaigns, sales letters, newsletters, product descriptions, product and e-commerce websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, commercials and TV ads.

Since 2017 Business Team Translations have translated from Italian to German into various sectors such as Department management, Regulations for management and use, Factory Regulations and Contracts for KIK S.r.l. We have fully satisfied the requirements of KIK S.r.l and we have started a successful collaboration so they can support their Clients in implementing their strategies by structuring and delivering training and coaching programs with a solid, measurable impact on their value chain.
Kik is a full market research institute based in a Scientific and Technological park. Starting from Clients’ goals, we collect complex data from markets and we analyse them with state-of-the-art research methodologies. KIK derives meaningful information that will allow their Clients to make major decisions with confidence.

Since 2017 Business Team Translation has been collaborating with Blue Panorama Airlines. Our translators have delivered high quality translations of commercial manuals and documents of modifications in Chinese, Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian languages. Blue Panorama Airlines has been so satisfied with our work that led to an impeccable business involvement between the two companies. Blue Panorama Airlines was born in Rome in 1998. IATA member since 2002, it now connects 15 Italian cities, occupies a leading position in the Caribbean and boasts 12 destinations to the Greek Islands, 5 to the Indian Ocean and another 14 between Europe, Asia and Africa. With the Blu-express brand, it operates in low cost line connections and is also one of the reference companies for Italian holidays in the Mediterranean.

Since 2009 Business Team Translations has been the official supplier of the SCA company for the translation of various corporate documents, brochures, and leaflets. In addition to the translation service mainly in English and Spanish, we also provide interpreting service. In 2019 SCA split into two separate companies SCA Forest Products Company and Essity Hygiene and Healthcare Company, the largest body care company in Europe. SCA is committed to creating value for all its partners and to building relationships with employees, customers, consumers, shareholders and business partners based on respect, responsibility and excellence in a socially and ecologically responsible way. This requires solid financial results, respect for the environment and social commitment.

Business Integration Partners ordered the translation of a service catalog in 2018. Service catalogs are implemented in a manner that facilitate the registration, discovery, request, execution, and tracking of desired services for catalog users. Business Integration Partners is a network of thinkers, creators and creators. An ecosystem made of insight, ability and research. Skeptical by nature and optimistic by training – they do not believe in prepackaged solutions and they conceive consultancy as a tailored product, which enhances the strength of their customers, opening up new opportunities. The quality of the English translation for the french catalog has outdone their expectations.

Since 2018 Business Team Translations has been the official supplier of Abas company for the translations analysis, brochures, leaflets and product pages, mainly English- German language pairs. Abas is a multinational group with 35 years of experience in providing ERP solutions for medium-sized manufacturing companies. Abas Italia deals with the Italian localization of the product in accordance with current tax legislation, Italian law and the customs and habits of the country. It also deals with developing customized solutions for customers, offers consultancy, training and technical support services.

Since early 2018 Business Team translations have been collaborating with Partenope Srl to help them continue the development of superior products with delivering Spanish, Portuguese, French, English translations of item lists, pocket manuals and newsletters. Partenope Srl, located in Piazzola di Nola is an Import -Export company that operates mainly in the East (Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam), but also in Europe with decades of experience. The company’s specialization for gift items and for the home, continuous research has led them to develop increasingly wide-ranging sectors by growing the range of products treated as gadgets and furnishing accessories up to garden, beach and a large assortment of Christmas decorations.

In early 2017 Bureau reached out to Business Team Translations Italian branch. Since then we delivered countless translations in english-greek and english-russian language pairs. The main translated documents were final inspection certificates, Privacy Policies and Consumer Supply Conditions. With the high quality translations our translator delivered, we successfully fulfilled Bureau Veritas’s expectations. Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s leading certification bodies.The company supports clients on every continent to continually improve their performance via certification of management systems. In every market sector, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services and tailor-made solutions in the areas of quality, risk management, health and safety, environment and social responsibility

Sanges&Associati S.P.A. is a holding that manages the activities of its subsidiaries operating in the field of marketing and sales consulting, brokerage, logistics and the creation and management of commercial brands. In Italy it manages the distribution of private brands, but abroad through direct contact with the chains and through distributors, it provides exclusively it’s own brand such as Luxury Pastries Collection, Hedonist, La Sartoria di un Attimo. Their main requirement for professional translations such as product descriptions,marketing services, documentation of presentations and lists of ingredients. Business Team Translations provided multilingual services and had successfully achieved the high standards of Sanges&Associati.

YARD Credit & Asset Management has a strong expertise in the management of non performing loans secured on real estate property, assisting both national and international credit institutions and institutional investors at various levels: operational support, strategic planning, management and taking charge completely of processes. Since 2016 we have been collaborating with Yard Credit S.r.l for the provision of English-Italian language services. Their main requirement for professional translations such as newsletters, articles, documentation of presentations and technical offers.

Chromavis S.P.A. manufactures cosmetic products. The Company produces concealer, foundation, compact, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, blush, lip stick, nail paints, body lotion, baked powder, and lip gloss. Chromavis serves customers worldwide. Our collaboration started in the beginning of 2011 and ever since we translated privacy policies, newsletters, marketing materials from Italian to English, French and Polish.

Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A is a leader company operating on international level, in designing, manufacturing and selling components, systems and services for the treatment, regulation and metering of natural gas with the goal of enabling and increasing its safe usage by distributors and consumers, with a scope of continuous improvement.Business Team Translations has worked with Pietro Fiorentini Spa in 2017 for the provision of Spanish-Italian services. Their primary requirement is to have precise and professional translations for the certifications and HR related statements. Business Team Translations not only met the customer’s needs but even exceeded expectations.

Micromic s.r.l. has been operating for more than 30 years in the distribution of spare parts and accessories for household appliances, with an undisputed leadership in the specific field of coffee machines, vacuum cleaners and ironing systems: Micromic has in fact created the spare parts sector for small appliances. In 2017 we delivered English and French translation of Italian documents. These documents were sales and marketing related. Micromic has been so satisfied with our work that led to a flawless business involvement between the two companies.

copywritingWith our help, your company can bridge the gap between foreign cultures and make sure that you don’t hurt or confuse your potential customers with the wrong slogan or commercial.

Marketing translation is a cultural mission because understanding and speaking the target language is not enough: you must live there and be aware of the latest cultural trends.

Our translators are all native, in-country experts who not only meet but exceed these requirements because they know your markets and can handle intercultural differences efficiently.

Poor translation causes problems in all areas of life, but if you have a poorly translated marketing text, it is more than a problem. One single mistranslated sentence or slogan can ruin years of hard brand image building that may sound funny to outsiders but for you, it’s loss of money and prestige.

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