Medical Translation Services

Business Team Translations has been a provider of medical translation services since 1999. We know that Medical and Pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialized field and only qualified medical translators can work on medical documents.

One mistake in a medical document can cause serious problems. When the life of a patient is at risk, a small error or communication delay is unacceptable.


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Our clients:

  • medical equipment manuals
  • patient records
  • patient information papers
  • psychology papers
  • pharmaceutical translations
  • multimedia medical applications
  • medical prescriptions
  • medical journals
  • user guides for medical staff and patients
  • medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software
  • clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information
  • equipment, packaging labels, medical questionnaires and medical glossaries
  • medical contracts
  • multilingual medical websites
  • pharmaceutical researches, reports and training materials
  • medical and pharmaceutical letters and e-mails
  • handwritten information and instructions

Our expert translators will create the perfect medical translation for you

When it comes to Medical and Pharmaceutical translations, special and extraordinary requirements must be met on the part of the translators. Just because translators are good at translating documents into their native languages, it doesn’t mean that they can cope with the translation of special medical or pharmaceutical documents. They must be as rigorous about the details of the translation and terminology as possible. It is also essential to fully understand the medical text, before starting the translation process. Without the complete knowledge of various medical terms and terminology, it is impossible even for an expert medical translators to grasp the true meaning of the original text.

Latin has mysteries that only experts can understand and even the seemingly simple reports can hide surprises for the inexperienced reader. Our translators are among those exceptional individuals who understand and know the meaning behind the words in medical documents. We work only with professional medical translators who are not only native speakers but have unique experience in the particular medical field. Our policy is that only medically qualified translators should work on medical translations. They are able to produce the highest quality that our Clients expect.

We create your terminology database with the help of our dedicated Key Account Managers

As we are moving ahead with translation projects, we extract medical terms and accumulate them in translation memories and terminology databases that increase the efficiency and quality of our work. Large projects requiring teams of translators are managed by our Key Account Project Managers who are especially skilled in project planning and organizing. We hope that our distinctive medical translation service and unique experience will contribute to your long-term success.