Translation services for the fashion industry

Fashion is an international language in it’s own right. But in such an exciting, fast-moving and international industry, multilingual communication is key. Like all industries, fashion has its own way of doing things. Whether you’re doing business with manufacturers overseas, meeting with global retailers or selling your garments internationally, our experienced translators at Business Team Translations have you covered. Our affordable, accurate fashion-oriented translations will enable you to reach new markets whilst ensuring that nothing gets lost in the mix.

Since 2017 we have been providing Chinese, French, English, Spanish and German translations to O bag which is an internationally known dynamic, forward-thinking brand. It was founded and built on the success of its eponymous modular and totally customizable bags. O bag has been present on the market for 10 years, and is acknowledged as the leading brand for customization, their products turned into true cult items.

Since 2018 we have been dealing exclusively with the English-language publications of PREZIOSA MAGAZINE, a magazine for jewellery and goldsmithing, silverware, gemmology and events on behalf of LOIRALAB, a company specialized in publishing newspapers and magazines. PREZIOSA MAGAZINE is an international magazine in Italian and English that provides constant updates on the main activities of the sector. The new brand collections, the most important events and appointments. Shooting and editorial to better communicate the whole world of precious stones.

Moorer Spa is an internationally renowned clothing company. Their products are a combination of design, high quality materials and high performance technology. The Business Team Translations team works with precision, with particular attention to detail, which is why the leather clothing company Moorer Spa has requested translations into Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French since 2019. Business Team Translations provides descriptions of articles and documentation of fabrics for this customer, fully satisfying their needs.