Professional Manual Translations

Today, all household appliances and industrial machinery within the European Union must have instructions and manuals in the official language of the country of destination (2006/42 / EC).

CMC Texpan stands out on the market as a leading metalworking industry with high-level technical and business skills. The company is internationally known and has become a supplier of machinery and plants for the woodworking industry. Business Team Translations has been working with CMC Texpan since 2018 for the provision of multilingual language services. Their primary requirement is to have precise and professional chinese and lithuanian translations for the technical manuals of the machines, the mechanical documentation and their company profile. Business Team Translations not only met the client’s needs but even exceeded expectations.

Therefore, translating technical manuals is no longer a choice, but an obligation for all producers from all over the world, including North-America, Asia and Australia.

Siel Energy and Safety builds eminent tools for each customer to Public or Private with managing its energy in safety: fundamental advantages for highly critical areas such as those of finance, health, data centres, industrial plants and telecommunications.
Business Team Translations cooperation with Siel Energy and Safety started in 2015. They required the professional translation of countless documents from Italian to Lithuanian and from English to Chinese. Our team of translators fulfilled the requirement for precise translation of Safety Procedures , Operator Manuals, Installation and User Manuals.

Furthermore, declarations of conformity must also be translated in accordance with the original documents.
Business Team Translations is the best choice for this service: in the last twenty years we have translated thousands of technical manuals and this has made us real specialists and experts in Italy in the field of technical translation of manuals.

Naddeo Technologies: for over 30 years Naddeo Technologies has been a trustworthy element of the “ready to eat” market with their product and their high technology machinery. Naddeo Technologies guarantees advanced tools for the processing of produce from receipt to packaging. Business Team Translations has helped guarantee high quality translations to make their procedure even more fluent. Since 2018 our company has translated numerous documents of System Analysis , Manual Instructions, Descriptions of Machinery from Italian to Polish, Swedish, Chinese and French.

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Our experience is truly unique in translating installation manuals, production manuals, maintenance manuals, assembly manuals, electronic manuals, computer manuals, medical manuals, machine manuals, user guides and user manuals.

AZG Antincendio S.r.l deals with the maintenance and overhaul of fire prevention systems and similar equipment in chemical companies and petrochemical industries in general. Their specific professionalism has led the company to expand its business in the construction of new fire systems in high risk sectors and beyond. AZG Antincendio S.r.l contacted Business Team Translations in 2019. Since then we have been collaborating with AZG Antincendio S.r.l for the provision of multilingual language services. Their main requirement for professional translations such as installation and maintenance manuals, System analysis.

We translate into over 70 languages ​​(for example: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese) and can create a perfect print-ready manual in the desired target language.

Myrtha Pools is the international leader in the aquatic industry located in Mantova, Italy was founded in 1961. With cutting-edge technology and exclusive patents Myrtha has made a significant impact on the industry. In addition to overseeing design and installation of its pools, the company builds most of its parts and accessories in compliance with national and international standards. Myrtha has engineered its pools using modular systems, stainless steel, PVC and high quality finishes. Business Team Translations provided countless documents such as Contracts, Technical- and maintenance documentation, Installation Manuals, Contracts translated from Italian into English, French, Russian, German. Business Team Translations team professional work guarantees a high level collaboration between the two companies.

We are able to provide translations in all language combinations starting from a source language other than Italian (for example English-German). Our rates allow us to guarantee the best prices for you while maintaining the highest possible translation quality.

Chemical Express Srl is located in Naples, Italy. Their business is to transport liquid chemicals both dangerous and not dangerous and liquid waste too all over Europe, thanks to its modern and flexible fleet. Our collaboration started in early 2019 when Chemical Express S.r.l reached out to Business Team Translations to translate Contract amendments, Manual documentation , operating manuals and Transport services agreements. Our team of translators fulfilled their order within the estimated delivery time making our collaboration successful. Their company offers efficient and innovative transport solutions : on time deliveries, cost-awareness, environmental respect and safety are their services goals based on flexibility, constant service quality improvement and innovation. A specialist team offers tailor-made solutions thanks to the excellent acknowledgment of European railway and short-sea connections, a network of partners located in all the countries and our own fleet able to reach all European destinations by road.

It is great to have the manual in PDF, but it is much better for us to translate the InDesign / Quark / FrameMaker / PageMaker or WORD files: if we receive the original files, we can make a translation ready for printing.
It means that you do not have to pay additional costs for any DTP or creative agency: you can send our translation directly to the press office!

In 2017 Business Team Translation delivered numerous translations of production control, manuals and supplier reports. Thermit Italiana was completely satisfied with the quality of the english and german documents that our translators completed according to plan. Thermit Italiana s.r.l. is part of the Goldschmidt Group. Goldschmidt combines with its companies all the expertise which you need for the construction, maintenance, inspection and monitoring of your railway network. The unique global network of experts gives you access to the international range of products and services of Goldschmidt – at your location, with your local contact person and the power of the whole group. Special expertise, excellent technical equipment and highly qualified personnel allow Goldschmidt to comprehensively implement each task with a standard high quality level worldwide. Goldschmidt offers a comprehensive range of products and services worldwide for the joining of rails, modern construction of railway track, and inspection of your track infrastructure and its maintenance.

In fact, at the moment we can translate more than 35 file formats, and we can also manage technical drawings in different CAD formats (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD etc.)

DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A. is a private corporation focused on engineering and construction of industrial V.O.C. treatment plants and systems for the flexible packaging, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Backed with several decades of global experience, thanks to their products of the highest quality, patented and innovative processes, with thousands of systems in operation, with business presence in over 50 countries, located on the five continents, DEC is facing the global challenges, focusing on innovative technologies and research.DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A. contacted Business Team Translations in 2014. Since then we have been collaborating with DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A. for the provision of multilingual language services. Their main requirement for professional translations such as installation, maintenance and operation manuals.

We also use the latest translation technologies that allow us to offer the client significant savings on the actual cost of translation and allow the client to have a certain terminological consistency on the translated documents (by virtue of translation memories)

IT Wash S.R.L. manufactures and distributes laundry equipment. The Company provides washing machines and related accessories. IT Wash serves customers in Italy. Business Team Translations provided countless documents such as Contracts, Technical- and maintenance documentation, Installation Manuals, from Italian into English, French, Russian, German and Dutch. Business Team Translations team professional work guarantees a high level collaboration between the two companies.

The use of these technologies also allows you to update any future changes to documents in a simple and economical way.

Persical Mechanical Constructions ordered the multilingual translation of user manuals. Since then we successfully translated mainly technical manuals of the machinery from Italian to Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. For 50 years Persico Costruzioni Meccaniche has been one of the leading companies in the industry. Always ready to evolve to satisfy their customers with professionalism and constant investment in research to make work more efficient. The core business is the Persico continuous fleshing machines which allow tanneries all over the world to increase and improve production.

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In 2015 Business Team Translations has delivered high quality translations of Regulations, Instruction- and Service Manuals mainly in English-Italian and English-Polish language pairs. The quality work of our translators has led to years of great business relationship between Business Team Translations and Marking Products Srl.  Marking Products S.r.l. is dedicated exclusively to the sale of industrial printing, marking and coding systems, providing assistance throughout the Italian territory with a widespread service: 6 technical-commercial offices (at the offices in Turin, Modena, Bergamo, Vicenza, Latina and Catania) as well as to a network of official distributors. Their company is made up of qualified personnel with a managerial body of technical extraction capable of facing any type of problem with concreteness dictated by the experience gained, over 20 years. Partnership and exclusive distribution in Italy of well-established brands: HITACHI for marking and coding systems with continuous ink jet and laser; Matthews Marking Systems for high definition inkjet and D.O.D. (Drop-On-Demand). In addition, Marking Products distributes TSC and DATAMAX thermal transfer printers and industrial printers prints and applies EIDOS.