CMC Texpan stands out on the market as a leading metalworking industry with high-level technical and business skills. The company is internationally known and has become a supplier of machinery and plants for the woodworking industry. Business Team Translations has been working with CMC Texpan since 2018 for the provision of multilingual language services. Their primary requirement is to have precise and professional chinese and lithuanian translations for the technical manuals of the machines, the mechanical documentation and their company profile. Business Team Translations not only met the client’s needs but even exceeded expectations.

Siel Energy and Safety builds eminent tools for each customer to Public or Private with managing its energy in safety: fundamental advantages for highly critical areas such as those of finance, health, data centres, industrial plants and telecommunications.
Business Team Translations cooperation with Siel Energy and Safety started in 2015. They required the professional translation of countless documents from Italian to Lithuanian and from English to Chinese. Our team of translators fulfilled the requirement for precise translation of Safety Procedures , Operator Manuals, Installation and User Manuals.

Naddeo Technologies: for over 30 years Naddeo Technologies has been a trustworthy element of the “ready to eat” market with their product and their high technology machinery. Naddeo Technologies guarantees advanced tools for the processing of produce from receipt to packaging. Business Team Translations has helped guarantee high quality translations to make their procedure even more fluent. Since 2018 our company has translated numerous documents of System Analysis , Manual Instructions, Descriptions of Machinery from Italian to Polish, Swedish, Chinese and French.

AZG Antincendio S.r.l deals with the maintenance and overhaul of fire prevention systems and similar equipment in chemical companies and petrochemical industries in general. Their specific professionalism has led the company to expand its business in the construction of new fire systems in high risk sectors and beyond. AZG Antincendio S.r.l contacted Business Team Translations in 2019. Since then we have been collaborating with AZG Antincendio S.r.l for the provision of multilingual language services. Their main requirement for professional translations such as installation and maintenance manuals, System analysis.

Myrtha Pools is the international leader in the aquatic industry located in Mantova, Italy was founded in 1961. With cutting-edge technology and exclusive patents Myrtha has made a significant impact on the industry. In addition to overseeing design and installation of its pools, the company builds most of its parts and accessories in compliance with national and international standards. Myrtha has engineered its pools using modular systems, stainless steel, PVC and high quality finishes. Business Team Translations provided countless documents such as Contracts, Technical- and maintenance documentation, Installation Manuals, Contracts translated from Italian into English, French, Russian, German. Business Team Translations team professional work guarantees a high level collaboration between the two companies.

Chemical Express Srl is located in Naples, Italy. Their business is to transport liquid chemicals both dangerous and not dangerous and liquid waste too all over Europe, thanks to its modern and flexible fleet. Our collaboration started in early 2019 when Chemical Express S.r.l reached out to Business Team Translations to translate Contract amendments, Manual documentation , operating manuals and Transport services agreements. Our team of translators fulfilled their order within the estimated delivery time making our collaboration successful. Their company offers efficient and innovative transport solutions : on time deliveries, cost-awareness, environmental respect and safety are their services goals based on flexibility, constant service quality improvement and innovation. A specialist team offers tailor-made solutions thanks to the excellent acknowledgment of European railway and short-sea connections, a network of partners located in all the countries and our own fleet able to reach all European destinations by road.