In a nutshell, this article deals with the details of long-term language services for clients who need translations in 20 or more languages. If you represent one of those, read on: we are specialized in providing translation, localization, internalization and globalization services for your company. We have all the background, both human and technical to manage giant language projects to provide the greatest value for you over the span of several years. And we really walk the talk here: we celebrate our 10-year anniversary with our largest multinational client that generated 500.000 euros in turnover for our company.

Do you need a quote for professional translation services?


First, a piece of advice: please fill out our translation request form, if you need a quick quote or a couple of documents to translate in a few languages. You can attach up to five documents online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

But if you’re looking for a Language Service Provider (LSP) for the next ten years and want to buy large volume professional translation and localization services, either send an email with your contact details or call our Customer Representatives who will be more than willing to answer all your questions and ask some more to learn about all your needs.

When it comes to an ongoing, long-term cooperation, you don’t want to be lost in translation. There are several details, we need to clarify together. The target languages of multilingual projects may vary but our clients mostly need documents in all the languages of the European Union, plus Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and sometimes Korean.

Due to the fact that those are the languages of the greatest impact in the business world, they are the most competitive and cheapest at the same time. The global languages services market is no exception: the ‘Invisible Hand’ rules in this universe, too. If the competition is high, prices go lower. And it’s true for all EU and major world languages. But, beware: there’s is always a price that is too good to be true. You always pay twice or three times more for that translation later. It’s a practice we are against and we always give you our best possible price for outstanding quality. It’s never the cheapest, but you can count on it as the basis for your next step in your foreign markets.

Naturally, the level of organization required is much higher when you need translations in twenty or thirty languages within a tight deadline. For that, we have a well-developed best practice that will never disappoint you. Tell us all the details and you will not need to worry about the rest. It’s our job and we have been doing it for more than 15 years. You can count on us.