1. We have been providing high-quality translation services for more than 19 years

We have worked closely together with businesses from many different industries since 1999. Our proprietary project management control system, more than 21,000 translation projects and 1,500 linguists are the keys to our success. We are the ‘go-to’ professional translation vendors for a number of multinational corporations that account for more than 70% of our turnover, but we also provide translations for small businesses and individuals whose business we value just as highly.

2. We have the international experience you need when entering a foreign market

When you need a Language Service Provider with extensive international experience, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you create and build your online and offline presence in foreign markets, translating and localising all your mission-critical content. Technical and legal documents, product descriptions, marketing materials, brochures and commercials are just a few examples of the thousands of documents we have translated for multinational businesses.

3. You won’t need to send every single translation to different translation providers

When we start working with you, we learn and understand how you operate: this means all of your processes, from beginning to end. We then provide integrated translation services at every level of your supply chain. If you need us to scratch the surface, we will send you translations on a one-on-one basis. But if you need a translation vendor covering all your areas of operation, we are ready for that, too. And don’t forget our wealth of experience!

4. We deliver comprehensive translation and localisation solutions

Translations come with responsibility and complexity. Translations can make or break your foreign market campaigns and your credibility. And we are more than willing to bear that responsibility and cope with the complexity of your future translations. You can also think of us as your solution provider for all your localisation and translation needs.

5. Our translation technology know-how pays off in a big way that could mean up to 85% discount for you in the long run

When we start doing business with you, with your permission we open your “translation bank account”, in which we store a record of all sentences and words we translate. As time goes on, those words and sentences start repeating, helping to make the translation process a lot quicker, and as a result you need to pay less and less for the same type of documents. Some of our clients have achieved up to 85% discount because of the “translation accounts” they hold with us.

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