This article is for those who send PDF documents for translation. Yes, we can translate PDFs without any problem, but PDF is only for reading. When we take apart and analyze a PDF file, we create a word or other editable document that is not nearly as perfect as the original file. Because PDF documents are created in another software. That software is sometimes Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker or Quark, but you can make PDFs from Word files, too.

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You may have spent thousands of dollars on your company catalog or a user manual to look as professional as possible. That’s great but if you want the translated manual to look just as good, you will need to send that InDesign file, not the PDF. We (and no one else) will not be able to produce the same layout since we reverse-engineer the PDF but it’s only a shadow of the original document.

So, when it comes to the translation of PDF docs, first ask your creative agency about the original file the PDF was made in. Then obtain the original Quark, InDesign (or other DTP) files and forward them to us. This way, you will get the same layout as your source language file and it will be more cost efficient because we can analyze the document more precisely and you don’t have to pay for repetitive parts of the text.

On the other hand, we do the DTP work in the foreign language, too. It will be returned to you as a ready-to-print material that you can publish immediately at your own will. Yes, it costs money but incomparably less than having it prepared by a creative agency. For us it’s a collateral but very important service that help you launch your catalog or other essential documents in foreign markets. Don’t forget that 80% of your clients and customers will buy products and services if they are available in their native languages.