Have you ever encountered any of these situations in your company’s life?

Your HR department has just published a new code of conduct for employees in your corporate intranet. It has to be translated in the languages of all your subsidiaries immediately… Your insurance plan updates must be sent to all your European offices by tomorrow in 25 languages… Your financial, engineering, sales, marketing or training departments need various file types for localization and translation, including videos, InDesign and xml files… Your corporate communications at headquarters has just made an announcement that must be translated by tomorrow…

Do you need a quote for professional translation services?


If you have been through similar situations and experience growing demand for smaller translation projects with one day (or less) delivery, Business Team Translations is the solution for your language services needs. From one single sentence to a few thousand words – we are here for you. We understand that you need faster turnaround times with smaller translation assignments.

Earlier you may have chosen a freelance translator for smaller projects but you had to face the problem of different translations of the same words or expressions. If you need consistent terminology and glossary and want to have the same quality for years, ask for our quote. We are specialized in working with companies of all sizes in the long run and can deliver your Word, XML or YouTube-ready files. No matter how small, we will translate and localize them for you. After signing a Master Services Agreement, you don’t need to send a Purchase Order every single time. We have our own enterprise-class internet server and can create a dedicated ftp account for your InDesign, video, CAD and other storage consuming file types. We will deliver the translated documents in the same format, ready for publishing in print or on YouTube and Vimeo. Our experienced and highly qualified staff will exceed all your expectations.

If you need more information about our services, contact one of our customer representatives today!