The size of your company got to the level where it must reach international markets. You need the translation of product descriptions, user manuals and marketing materials. And it’s time to find a professional translation service that can handle all this. Not easy, isn’t it?

Do you need a quote for professional translation services?


Are there really translation companies who can cope with the 30 languages you want to sell your products in? Yes, here we are! We can turn your competitive edge into profit in foreign markets by creating high quality human-translated content. But how? The following three facts will discuss that in detail.

No machine translation, please!

You’ve probably tried to use some machine translation systems such as Google translate and found, that in some language pairs, it does a darn good job. If you translate from German, for example, you will understand the content as a whole. But professional translation has nothing to do with that. Although machines are getting better every single day, they do not even come close to their human counterparts. Technical or legal translators with a 10+ years experience will produce perfect translation in their native languages and, after proofreading and editing, you can use them on your products in other countries. Native linguists know the the latest trends and gimmicks of their own language and adopt the target language text accordingly.

You don’t need to become a project manager – it’s our job

Sometimes our Clients try to find freelance translators or translation agencies for every single target language. They almost become translation project managers in the process. But, when it comes to dozens of languages and a long-term cooperation, it’s easier to work with one single translation services company which can manage all your translations. Freelancers are not always available and you don’t have the quality management system to determine if the quality of their translation is acceptable or not. Time zones, proofreading, keeping the deadline are all factors that influence the final outcome of the project. We are prepared for all this and have been managing translation projects since 1999. We will take off the burdens of organizing and managing translation projects of your shoulders. All you need is to send the source language documents to us and we will take care of the rest.

File formats matter – so send Quark and InDesign docs!

Product descriptions and user manuals are often printed and published in your native language long before they are prepared for translation. It means that you have them in either Quark or InDesign or other ready-to-print file formats. Then why would you send them in Word? Why don’t you send the original files? If you do so, we can not only translate your documents but create a ready-to-print format in the target language. This way, you can save time and money and your product can be launched earlier in the target market.


You can see that professional human translation, translation project management, and last but not the least, ready-to-print file formats can make your life much easier when it comes to the translation of documents that are associated with your products and services. If you want all that in one package and need a reliable translation services partner, ask for our quote or send an e-mail with all the requirements you need.