Catalan Translation

We have been providing translation services since 1999 and will be happy to translate Catalan for you. Some features of our distinguished service:
  • Every single step of our work is regulated by and is in accordance with the ISO 9001:2009 quality assurance system;
  • Our carefully selected Catalan translators are not only qualified language experts but have a minimum of three-year experience in their chosen field;
  • We handle all documents with the utmost care, in accordance with the purpose of the translation;
  • We provide all-inclusive editing and DTP services;
  • We create re-usable terminology databases for our faithful customers to guarantee terminology consistency for the long run.

Need a quote for Catalan translation?

Our translation request form makes it easy for you!

Catalan-English Translations

Our Catalan-English translations are produced by native English and Catalan translators and proofreaders.

When do you recommend proofreading?

Texts that are published (such as catalogues, flyers) or used for official purposes (e.g. submitted to authorities) should be checked by a professional proofreader because a standard, non-proofread typescript may contain inaccuracies. Simply put, if a text goes public, it must be proofread. Even though our Catalan translators are all highly qualified experts who have already proven their expertise innumerable times, they can make an accidental spelling mistake or mistype a word. Unfortunately one single mistyped word can make a negative impression on native readers. Experienced proofreaders are trained to eliminate such mistakes, while translators mainly focus on the accuracy of the content and proper flow of text.

How can I get a quote for Catalan translation?

For further information, request your free online quote or send an email to After receiving your request, we will contact you as soon as possible with the quote or further questions about the translation. If you are looking for a long-term translation partner, please first call us to discuss the details and possible discounts.

Can I have a sample translation before placing an order?

If you need a large translation and you want to make sure that the quality of our service meets or exceeds your expectations, you can ask for a sample translation (up to 300 words).

Our motto: “Nothing can substitute experience in translation.”

The greatest asset of our company is experience. Over the last sixteen years, we have completed several huge projects, coping with deadlines, having battles with terminology and technology issues as well. But each and every day is a new challenge by which we are becoming more and more experienced. Apart from skills and expertise, experience is the most important added value in our service.