According to Common Sense Advisory, a market research firm, specialized in the translation and localization industry, the size of the global translation / language services market is exceeding 37 billion dollars in 2014.

Companies and corporations have a large piece of this cake and they usually need translation services for weeks, months and years, depending on their international marketing strategies.

Most of them are not one-time buyers who never come back: they choose and stay with their preferred translation vendors and service providers.

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The A-players, the largest and greatest enterprises in the Fortune 500 list have been running their internal localization and translation departments for decades and either created or purchased integrated, central localization systems for their translation needs.

However, there are millions of large and international organizations and companies worldwide in great need of a better-orchestrated and centralized translation systems.

That’s where we come into the picture: we can help you create a professional translation environment in which you will be able to reduce turnaround times, improve translation quality and decrease the overall cost of your international marketing strategy.

No, we don’t say that a single piece of software or a suite of CAT tools will solve your problems, because it’s not true.

You can’t use a one-for-all solution in real life, when it comes to the complexity of corporate translations.

You will need our experience and know-how in translation and technology to create the highest possible quality. True, using professional human translators can be more expensive, but if you can’t afford them, you can’t afford entering a new foreign market. If your translated content is less than perfect, you won’t stand a chance against your competitors. Everybody knows that.

Still, we find websites and other poorly translated documents again and again on the Internet. If you want to stand out of the stack, don’t leave your corporate translation strategy for chance: strive for perfection and you will reap multiple rewards.

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We use a mix of best practices of applied human and machine knowledge to achieve the the best quality and most cost-efficient solution in foreign markets.

We start working with you and collect all information to create an integrated translation strategy for your business.

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