In one sentence, because we work with mostly the same translators and our operating and overhead costs are much lower. Our back office is based in Hungary and our in-house workforce comes from the top of the food chain: young, energetic and highly motivated professionals manage our projects in all our international offices. They come from the best German, French and Hungarian universities and all of them have some level of international experience.

Do you need a quote for professional translation services?


In last month alone, we received translation requests (and orders) from the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary and other EU countries. We do our best to prepare our translation quotes as quick as possible, and offer the best translation rates but we also want to make sure that the best available translator will be assigned to the job. So, please be patient. It’s really worth waiting an extra hour or so to get best price and the same (or higher) quality.

Are the translators in our office? No, not at all. At this age when virtual networking is not just a buzzword but a reality, translation is the last thing produced in a single office. So, when we receive a new translation request, we either find the best match from our own pool of translators or use an external translator database. Yes, they all work from home.

Then we sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement with them and discuss the details: the volume, the difficulty, and the prices. We also check the amount of work our project managers have to invest into the job. And it’s all happening in the blink of an eye.

Based on the results, we come up with a final translation price which is always more competitive than the prices of German, British or US translation agencies.

As a matter of fact, we usually work with the same translators, but our operational costs are considerably lower, than that of our Western counterparts. That’s why we can offer significantly better prices.

In addition, we use the latest cutting-edge translation technology, specifically designed for multi-user translation projects with tight deadlines. (Actually, it is off the topic and becoming a sales pitch. I don’t want that. Let’s talk about what is behind the scenes.)

So, most often the same translators also work for UK, US and German agencies. The differentiators are always the operating and overhead expenses of the agencies.

Because of that, we can offer 30 to 40% discount compared to a German or US translation agency. And we use the same technology and language experts. It is worth considering, isn’t it?